The dream has come true for those who support to go vegan. A discovery has been found and acted since 2011 by a biochemistry professor who has started Impossible Foods which puts its plant-based meat burgers on restaurant menus a year ago.


Source: Business Insider

Heme is one of the key ingredients that make those plant-based ingredients look, smell and taste like real beef. So what exactly is Heme? It is actually a molecule that acts as a component of hemoglobin; an iron that binds/carries oxygen and it is can also be found in greens, seeds and grains. As mentioned on Straits Times, Heme production is made without wasting any resources to farm cows, the company genetically modifies yeast and uses fermentation to produce a heme protein naturally found in plants, called soy leghemoglobin. The product is used as a flavor catalyst and the ingredient that gives the product its red color.

Other ingredients used to make the beef includes wheat, potatoes and deodorized coconut oil that mimic as natural fats for caramelising crust when the beef is being cooked.

And no one can tell that is is a fake beer burger pattie; it is juicier, flavourful and tastier than the real one! The Blind Tasting organised by Talking Point, has been completed by three local foodies – head chef of Wolf Burgers Ms. Sarah Lin, Mr. Sheikh Haikel, owner of burger joint Fatpapas, and food blogger Mr. Seth Lui. 

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