In April, the international publishing company Springer Nature announced that it was retracting 107 research papers by Chinese authors after discovering irregularities in the peer-review process of articles published in the journal Tumor Biology between 2012 and 2016.

According to Retraction Watch which monitors academic fraud, more than 100 academic papers have been retracted which makes up the largest single withdrawal. 

China itself contributes more than 300,000 articles a year to the international journal market. Just imagine that every single invalid or fake research moves out into the market, all the results and information will turn chaos in time to come.

As for punishment of those responsible, the director said that 376 authors had been banned from undertaking research programs for various periods of time, and their qualifications for promotion had been cancelled, their research funds taken away, and awards and honours revoked. This is a wake-up call for China.

Source: The Globe And Mail