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With the recent launch of the ITU iLibrary, we are happy to let you know that you will be able to READ the latest library contents for FREE at this moment.

For your convenience, please click the following images from key publications below for specific topic results. Do check out UN iLibrary too for other subjects of your interest and field!


About International Telecommunication Union (ITU) iLibrary

Previously ITU is only available in Print. ITU offers a wide and growing range of general and specialized courses on all aspects of telecommunications as experts, policy makers, and regulators meet to discuss emerging issues. ITU Academy is an ideal platform for professors and students to be involved with current changes in ICT, showcase their expertise, and use these courses as an integrated part of the curriculum.

Upon its launch in June 2017, more than 400 titles – including 400 books, 8 000 chapters – have been catalogued. Every year, the ITU publishes around 40 new titles specifically focused on science and technology.


These publications are now available online in a single research repository, the ITU iLibrary, at Titles are organised alphabetically, by series and by year. You can search to discover complete publications, or even their components – articles and chapters. The content is accessible in different formats, PDF and READ, to meet your needs; with the latter optimized for reading on mobile devices and sharing via social networks.’


Key Publications on ITU iLibrary:



 itu-cybersecurity-index-information-and-research  itu-trends-in-telecommunication-reform-information-and-research
 itu-national-spectrum-management-information-and-research  itu-yearbook-of-statistics-information-and-research

ITU iLibrary is for?

  • Universities and research organisations
  • Businesses
  • Governments and Parliaments
  • Non-governmental organisations
  • Libraries


The United Nations iLibrary is the first comprehensive global search, discovery, and viewing source for digital content created by the United Nations. United Nations iLibrary offers an extensive list of features that deliver flexibility, speed, and efficiency such as intuitive navigation, integrated search results, granular content, citation tool, DOI identification, and multilingual content.

Every year around 500 new titles are planned to be added to United Nations iLibrary. Approximately 70% of which are in English and cover the following topics:



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