MedOne’s Powerful Radiology Platform is Now Available on Thieme

Just about 2 weeks ago which happened on the 103rd Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America(RSNA), Thieme has announced the launch of its new MedOne Radiology platform.

It’s fitting Thieme is unveiling an innovative radiology product at the largest healthcare meeting in North America, where 50,000 radiologists and allied health professionals from all over the world come together to share the latest groundbreaking advances in the field,said Brian Scanlan, President of Thieme Publishers.

In 1896 Thieme published Roentgen’s first human x-ray. MedOne Radiology continues the publisher’s tradition of bringing state-of-the-art medical imaging resources to clinicians worldwide. MedOne’s powerful platform is perfect for residents and experienced specialists alike. By combining expert information with stunning visuals, the site serves as both a learning and technical tool. MedOne makes it easy for busy practitioners to research at home, at work, or on the go.


For the specialist
▶ Explore innovative topics in radiology
▶ Discover new modalities and approaches
▶ Research groundbreaking techniques
▶ Identify differential diagnoses
For the resident
▶ Master case work-ups and findings
▶ Brush up on essential imaging procedures
▶ Evaluate comprehension for test-taking
▶ Compare radiological images
For the institution
▶ Cultivate a culture of learning anytime
▶ Focus on improving patient care quality
▶ Appeal to prospective residents and faculty
▶ Build support for individual growth

Key Features:

E-Books E-Journals
  • Get the benefits of print books plus electronic features in this extensive e-book collection (157 radiology e-books), where it’s easy to expand images, watch videos, and write notes.
  • Select from 121,500 high-quality images and 395 videos to enhance learning or add a rich, visual dimension to research.
  • Find the one-stop solution for your research needs when you perform an integrated search of Thieme’s medical imaging journals and the PubMed database, then read full articles from Thieme journals.
  • While you stay up-to-date with the library’s frequent content updates, you can customize your experience with versatile viewing modes or leave the screen behind when you download and print chapters.
  • Cite the articles you need, whether you’re using sources for a paper, catching up on innovative research, or writing your own articles.
  • Don’t limit yourself to the e-book: follow links to related articles and keep your research going.
  • If you’re on the go, you can download articles to bring along. For presentations, one can simultaneously download more than one image complete with legends and sources, via the multiple selections feature.

Searching is effortless, effective, and productive with rapidly updating responses and a contemporary, intuitive algorithm that auto-fills searches. It’s simple to eliminate or filter the categorized results: from the home page, your searches include the entire platform, while search filters automatically apply within content sets or books to remove unrelated results.

RadCases [email protected]
  • Get direct access to a database of more than 3,250 essential cases based on the bestselling RadCases book series, this case collection will reinforce your radiology knowledge.
  • You will gain offsite access by using an individual username within a department license, which lets you get radiological information anywhere, anytime. So all you need is internet access to create notes and highlight text.
  • Evaluate your understanding and learn what to expect as you identify differential diagnoses, recognize key concepts, and determine further work-up.
  • Your account benefits include auto-syncs to remember recently
    viewed content and bookmarks.
  • The varied histories, diagnoses, and imaging let you apply your radiology knowledge across a spectrum of cases.

Images and videos are at your fingertips when you zoom in or make notes on media from a vast databank. Round out your studies and practice reading each modality by watching video clips or comparing images and slices. For presentations, simultaneously download more than one image complete with legends and sources using the multiple selections feature.

Responsive Design
Automatic screen adaptation lets you take MedOne along as an anyplace platform. No matter what features you need or what device you have, you can use web-enabled access to get the most out of the platform. Never worry about finding a computer in a hurry: MedOne’s responsive design means that you can use your favorite features on your most convenient device.

Should you be interested to have a free trial on Thieme’s MedOne, drop us an enquiry via Contact Us.