José Luis Ortega, a web researcher partner of Cybermetrics Lab at the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) who recently published a research journal titled, “Impact of Social Sciences – Academic journals with a presence on Twitter are more widely disseminated and receive a higher number of citations“, has come into a possible conclusion that the dissemination of journals through Twitter posting activity does has an impact on their target of audience.

Similar to social media, blogs, newsfeeds, websites, and more, all these platforms are where everyone shares information which they find interesting, useful and possibly impactful in some other way. In return, information can, therefore, reach out to those and be discovered by those who might not do their search online themselves or perhaps miss out certain information. This is one of the ways to promote through the “word of posting”.

Findings also revealed that articles from those journals that have their own individual Twitter handle are more tweeted about than articles from journals whose only Twitter presence is through a scientific society or publisher account. Articles published in journals with any sort of Twitter presence also receive more citations than those published in journals with no Twitter presence.

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