Launching this coming 15 September with Singapore local stories that have inspired everyone – of people who didn’t let their grades define them. You’re not a number. Neither is your child. Five parents have banded together with the ambitious aim of getting other parents to focus beyond their children’s grades in Singapore’s academic pressure cooker.

Quoted from Ms. Tjin Lee’s Facebook Post:

Time to discover his / her strengths, interests, passions in a fast-changing world where knowledge-based learning is becoming obsolete. We all want to be the best parent – but the era of Kiasuism for academics is over. Rote-learning has been shown to kill creativity, and creativity is the key to surviving a world where AI and machines can do anything knowledge-based better than you.

To be the best parent, you should instead be asking if what you’re doing – all that pushing, nagging, tuition, over-learning – is really the best thing for your child. Do you even know what your child enjoys? What he’s good at? Or are you so busy making him what you expect him to be, that you’ve lost sight of your child as an individual?

All that PSLE pressure so he can go into an “elite” school, and be in a “science” class – when he may actually have been naturally creative and better suited to humanities, where he would have thrived and excelled. Time to rethink everything we think we know about education and success. The disruption is already here – are you ready for it? Are you lighting the way for your child? We say it’s time to break outdated generational narratives and create the future.

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