About Us

About Us

InfoHost Pte. Ltd. is a member of iGroup (Asia Pacific Limited). iGroup was established in 1983, operating throughout the Asia Pacific region and it is the largest information provider in Asia. InfoHost serves the Singapore market, providing a variety of quality electronic resource for customers. InfoHost works extensively with publishers worldwide to bring quality content ranging from medical, sciences, engineering and many other disciplines.

Our products and business comprise of:

1)      Electronic Subscriptions (e-books, e-journals and e-databases)

2)      Knowledge Management and Learning Solutions

3)      Publishing

4)      Library Automation Solutions and Services

5)      Education

We focus on the knowledge management and information industry, and cater to the needs of our customers: librarians, students, academics, educators, scientists and other professionals.


iGroup has regional office in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Romania, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.


About iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd.

The iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd. is a leading technology and information provider, with offices in 14 countries in the Asia–Pacific region. Employing more than 1,000 staff and serving more than 2,000 customers, the iGroup represents top peer-reviewed journals and eBooks from major publishers, and provides workflow solutions to libraries and researchers.