National Research Foundation launched new national Health Technologies Consortium (HealthTEC) to accelerate the process of turning medical discovery. The consortium will facilitate interactions between members at networking sessions, workshops, discussions and symposiums. It will also match-make industry partners with academics at research institutes and institutions of higher learning.

Professor Lim Chwee Teck, who is the director of iHealthtech, said some researchers see research papers and not commercial products as their “deliverables”.  But society can benefit from the experts working on the discovery. “Our ultimate aim is to capture value through faster translation of research outputs into benefits for patients and society as well,” said Prof Lim, who is also the director of the consortium.

Companies that join the consortium as members will be able to access the latest research in fields such as bioelectronics, biomimetic materials (materials that mimic the properties of natural materials like spider silk and shark skin), robotics and smart sensors.

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